Hi, thank you for visiting my portfolio site, my name is Miguel R. Duque. I graduated as a Multimedia Designer from Curtin University in Western Australia back in 2003, however, my real journey as a designer started way back when I was 17 years old and 27 years later, my passion for design still runs wild. As a designer, I have been fortunate enough to work on countless projects for small to big corporations around the world, including government projects too, have a look at my client list under Design option.

Then comes 2010, when I finished my Masters in Virtual Environment Design (MVED) with focus on digital design. Fast forward to 2020 and I am taking PhD in Communication under Faculty of Social Science at the University of Macau, researching and writing my final thesis paper about Virtual Reality with Media Theories in Poker.

I am also a passionate educator who love to teach anything related to digital design, new media, social media marketing and of course 3D modeling. Currently, I work as the Creative Director for an international design marketing agency with clients worldwide.

In time, I will be adding more content to my site, however, it is impossible to add all projects I did from the past two decades. When time allows, I will later add a new 3D training section with free video tutorials for everyone. It is important to give back to the 3D community who have taught me so much after so many years and still learning. After all, we are constantly learning one way or the other.

Wishing you all well and enjoy the rest of my portfolio. Thank you.

Key Skills

Web Design
Responsive Design
Flat Design
UX Design
Graphics Design
3D Design (Characters)
Social Media Marketing
New Media Technology
Advertising and Marketing

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”
- Rikki Rogers
What I do
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If you are serious about running a business, you will most definitely need a website. With my 27 years of Web Design, allow me to help you.
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Graphic Design

Need a logo design? Perhaps a poster, business card, brochure or magazine? Be it for small or big businesses, your marketing visual needs are covered.
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3D Design

One of my greatest passion (besides teaching) is 3D modeling and sculpting. Drop me an email if you need a 3D model design.
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Keeping a good standardize branding is half way to a marketing success. Don’t underestimate the importance of your brand.
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Keeping a constant relationship with your customers is a step forward towards success, so keep them updated about your latest offers.
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Social Media

It is crucial for all businesses to have a social media presence in major platforms nowadays, drop me a line so I can help you.